Cavapoos and CavaMaltipoo puppies

 We specialize in Cavapoo poos and CavaMaltipoos. Our puppies range in weight from 6 - 18 pounds when grown.

 They have hypo-allergenic qualities and are mild-mannered. These little ones are so intelligent.

They are extremely teachable, trainable and 100% lovable.

We start puppies out right with early neurological stimulation. They receive added protection against parvovirus and are on a consistent worming schedule which includes flea and tick prevention. We feed a healthy diet, vitamin and mineral supplements and offer plenty of socialization, which prepares your puppy for a great future. Our daily routine sets the foundation for successful crate and potty training. 

Puppies are priced at $2500 and come with soft or hard crate,  health guarantee, health record, first teddy, quality puppy food, treats and care instructions.

Below are some of our great past puppies!